Oppo A3s Remove User Lock and Google Account via direct eMMc

 Download QFIL Firmware Oppo A3s CPH1803 Tested 100%   

- See oppo a3s pinout eMMc carefully

- Jumpers CLK, DO, CMD and GND lines
  - CLK  = is used
  - DO    = is used
  - CMD = is used
  - GND = is used

  - VCC     = is not used
  - VCQ     = is not used
  - Battery = is not used

- VCC + VCCQ voltage is taken from the phone's USB socket
1. Connect via eMMC directly with Easy-Jtag
2. Write Cache and userdata only.
3. Make sure :
    - "Repartion" is NOT ticked.
    - "erase before writing" " is NOT ticked.

4. After the phone is finished, the phone reads Qualcomm mode, CLK track jumper, then the phone   becomes normal again.
5. Reboot device in Recovery Mode (hold Power + Volume Down).
6. After Recovery mode, don't select Wipe data, just reboot.
7. Later there is a description of "broken phone storage" then select reset phone.
8. After rebooting, the phone is back to normal.
9. 100% tested for Oppo A3S using IC eMMC : Samsung (QE63MB) and Skhynix (HAG4a2)

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