Hydra MTKTool v1.0.1.35 is released

Hydra MTKTool v1.0.1.35 - Xiaomi & Oppo & Vivo and More - [21.08.2019]

Hydra MTKTool v1.0.1.35

Relase Notes :

[Added] - One Button Oppo Fix Dead By TP Unlock(F9.F7 and etc..)
[Added] - CheckBox TestPoint Mode
[Added] - Xiaomi Unlock Bootloader
[Added] - Xiaomi Account Remove
[Added] - METAMode - New CPU
[Added] - METAMODE = FactoryReset for OPPO, VIVO and other Helio cpu
[Added] - New Protocol ByAddress Flashing
[Improved] - OLD Protocol Flashing
[Improved] - GUI
[Improved] - SERVER Authentication for XIAOMI
[Improved] - New protocol booting and initialization (OPPO, VIVO and etc)
[Improved] - New protocol Flashing
[Improved] - Preloader Flash Init Parsing
[Improved] - Partition Backup
[Fixed] - Bugs and Handle Errors

'FRP FOR Oppo A5S : after factory reset DIAL in Emergy *#812#

*Added Unlock Bootloader for following models :

    Xiaomi Redmi 6 [Beta Stage]
    Xiaomi Redmi 6A [Beta Stage]

*Added Following Models :

    Xiaomi Mi Play - Need Authorized
    Xiaomi Redmi 6 - Need Authorized
    Xiaomi Redmi Pro

    Vivo Y91 (1816)
    Vivo Y93 (1815)

    Artel U2
    Artel U3
    Artel Z5

    Tecno J8 (Boom J8)
    Tecno IN2 (Camon iSky)
    Tecno IN1 (Camon Ace)
    Symphony V155
    Symphony V97
    Symphony V142
    Symphony Symtab50

    CloudFone Thrill Power N
    CloudFone Thrill Lite

    Meizu M5c

    KAAN N1

    Reeder M8

    Neffos C9A

    Navon Spirit Plus

    Stylo Destiny
    Stylo VS571

    Mobicel Fever Plus
    Mobicel Trendy Plus

    ZTE Blade V6 Max
    ZTE Blade L0510
    ZTE Amazing X3s

    Casper Via P2
    Casper Via L8

    FireFly Intense Xt
    FireFly Aurii Dream Mini
    FireFly Intense Razor
    FireFly Secret X

    Maximus D7

    Archos 101c Copper
    Archos 101 Platinum 3G

    Walton Primo GM3
    Walton Primo NF2
    Walton Primo F7s
    Walton Primo GM2 Plus

    Leagoo Z5

    iVOOMi Me 4
    iVOOMi Innelo 1

    Vision V12

    Itel A52
    Itel P13

    TP-Link Neffos X1 Max

    Intex Aqua Lions 3
    Intex Aqua Y3

    Multilaser MS60Z

    Quantum Muv

    Polaroid PSPCL30A0

    BlackView A7

    Kalley Element Plus

    Spice Xplor Proton5

    Leimin F3 Plus

    Ipro Kylin 40

    MobiiStar Lai Zoro 3

    Vertex Impress Click
    Vertex Impress Eagle
    Vertex Impress Style

    Nomi i4500
    Nomi i5001
    Nomi i5014

    Cherry Mobile Spin Max 2
    Cherry Mobile Flare J8 LTE
    Cherry Mobile Flare J6 Mini

    M4TEL M4 B3

    CloudFone Thrill Plus

    Cagabi One

    Roverphone Evo 5.0

    Glori Alien 1

    Prestigio PSP3512DUO

    Bmobile AX1035
    Bmobile AX823
    Bmobile AX685

    Atilla X
    Atilla Mate Pro

    Advan i5C
    Advan S7D

    Brightstar Avvio L660

    Qnet Macro M6

    Sugar C7

    Sico Plus 2

    Digiland DL1016

    Zenek Pinguino Z5519

    Coolpad E503
    Coolpad N3 mini
    Coolpad E580

    Masstel Juno Q5 Plus

    Gionee GN5001S
    Gionee A1 Lite
    Gionee M5 Lite

    Casper Via L8

    Sunny SS4G1 Luna

    Amgoo AM530

    Evertek V6

    Evercross A75L


    Cubot R9
    Cubot Note Plus
    Cubot J3
    Cubot Magic
    Cubot Rainbow

    Vodafone VFD 320
    Vodafone VF-795

    Allview X3 Soul Lite
    Allview P5 Lite
    Allview A5 Easy

    Philips V377
    Philips S309

    Sansui Switch

    Huangmi M5

    CZelectronic Mint Orion

    Ergo A502 Aurum
    Ergo B506 Intro

    Teksun AllCall S1 X

    Beeline A451

    OUKITEL U15 Pro

    Azumi IRO A5 Q

    Seatel V8A

    QMobile X700 Pro II
    QMobile Noir X1s

    Homtom C2
    Homtom HT30

    Ekophone Sage4

    Doogee X11

    Starlight Star Plus

    Karbonn Aura Note 4G

    MobiWire Halona

    Orange Dive 30

    Bravis A512 Harmony Pro

    Tambo TA-1

    StarMobile Play Lite

MTK Module Supported Function and Models :

• > Flashing Scatter and Dump MTK Devices [Flash Mode]
• > Remove FRP [Flash Mode] / [Fastboot Mode] / [Adb Mode]
• > Reset Privacy Lock [Flash Mode]
• > Backup Security [Flash Mode]
• > Restore Security [Flash Mode]
• > Wipe Security [Flash Mode]
• > Auto Detect Loader and Moel
• > Repair IMEI [Flash Mode] / [Meta Mode] / [ATE Mode] / [Adb Mode]
• > Remove Locks Without Data Loss (Encrypted USERDATA) [Flash Mode]
• > List, Read, Erase, Write Partitions [Flash Mode]
• > Read Pattern For UnEncrypt USERDATA [Flash Mode] / [Meta Mode]
• > Reset Factory Clear eMMC [Flash Mode] / [Meta Mode]
• > Read Info [Flash Mode] / [Meta Mode]
• > Forensic Backup SMS, Vcard, Gallery [Flash Mode]
• > Repair Unknown BaseBand, Test Ram[Flash Mode]
• > Reboot to Any Around (Flash To Meta - Meta To Normal - Flash To Normal)

Download Hydra MTKTool v1.0.1.35 
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