EFT PRO Dongle V2.0 is released

EFT Dongle Pro has come "Version 2.0" What is New ?

- [Huawei] Added support to erase Huawei ID for the following models:

ELE-AL00 10.0.0(C00)
HMA-AL00 10.0.0(C00)
LYA-AL00 10.0.0(C00)
LYA-AL00L 10.0.0(C00)
VOG-AL00 10.0.0(C00)
VOG-AL10 10.0.0(C00)

- Latest supported models list for Huawei Android 10 FRP reset:

ELE-L04 10.0.0(C605)
ELE-L09 10.0.0(C185)
ELE-L09 10.0.0(C316)
ELE-L09 10.0.0(C431)
ELE-L29 10.0.0(C431)
ELE-L29 10.0.0(C605)
ELE-L29 10.0.0(C185)
ELE-L29 10.0.0(C636)
HMA-AL00 10.0.0(C00)
HMA-L09 10.0.0(C432)
HMA-L29 10.0.0(C432)
HMA-L29 10.0.0(C185)
HMA-L29 10.0.0(C605)
HMA-L29 10.0.0(C636)
HRY-LX1T 10.0.0(C185)
HRY-LX1MEB 10.0.0(C185)
JSN-L21 10.0.0(C432)
JSN-L22 10.0.0(C185)
JSN-L22 10.0.0(C636)
JSN-L23 10.0.0(C605)
JSN-L42 10.0.0(C675)
LYA-L09 10.0.0(C432)
LYA-L09 10.0.0(C185)
LYA-L09 10.0.0(C316)
LYA-L29 10.0.0(C185)
LYA-L29 10.0.0(C432)
LYA-L29 10.0.0(C636)
MAR-LX1A 10.0.0(C431)
MAR-L21A 10.0.0(C432)
MAR-LX1A 10.0.0(C432)
MAR-LX1A 9.1.0(C431)
MAR-LX1A 10.0.0(C185)
MAR-L21MEB 10.0.0(C185)
MAR-L21A 10.0.0(C431)
MAR-L21A 9.1.0(C431)
MAR-LX1M 10.0.0(C185)
MAR-L21MEA 10.0.0(C185)
PCT-L29 10.0.0(C432)
POT-LX1AF 10.0.0(C185)
POT-LX1 10.0.0(C431)
POT-LX1 10.0.0(C432)
SNE-LX1 10.0.0(C432)
SNE-LX2 10.0.0(C185)
SNE-LX3 10.0.0(C605)
STK-L22 10.0.0(C636)
STK-L21M 10.0.0(C185)
STK-L21M 10.0.0(C432)
STK-L21MDV 10.0.0(C185)
STK-L23B 10.0.0(C605)
VOG-AL00 10.0.0(C00)
VOG-L04 10.0.0(C605)
VOG-L09 10.0.0(C316)
VOG-L09 10.0.0(C431)
VOG-L09 10.0.0(C185)
VOG-L29 10.0.0(C185)
VOG-L29 10.0.0(C431)
VOG-L29 10.0.0(C432)
VOG-L29 10.0.0(C636)
VOG-L29 10.0.0(C605)
YAL-L21 10.0.0(C431)
YAL-L21 10.0.0(C636)
YAL-L61 10.0.0(C185)
YAL-L61 10.0.0(C431)
YAL-L61 10.0.0(C636)
YAL-L61 10.0.0(C605)

- Download EFT Dongle Pro Version V2.0 

- Download File Erase Huawei ID for EFT User 

- Orginal Post from Gsm-Forum : EFT PRO Dongle Update V2.0 Remove Huawei ID/FRP Android 10

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