Xiaomi 12 Pro (zeus) | Europe Stable Firmware

Xiaomi 12 Pro MIUI Download | Firmware Name: Zeus | Model Name: 2201122C, 2201122G | Xiaomi firmware updates are available for free, for fastboot files and recovery files. This page only shows an update for Xiaomi 12 Pro. If you are looking for more Xiaomi firmware updates, check here Xiaomi Firmware All Models.
Download Xiaomi 12 Pro Latest MIUI version from various countries:

Fastboot Firmware Xiaomi 12 Pro - Europe / eea

Device NameFirmware NameAndroid VersionFile SizeDownload MIUI Version
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus135.95 GBV14.0.15.0.TLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus135.95 GBV14.0.14.0.TLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus135.95 GBV14.0.13.0.TLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus135.99 GBV14.0.11.0.TLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus135.96 GBV14.0.10.0.TLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus136.02 GBV14.0.8.0.TLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus136.03 GBV14.0.7.0.TLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus135.94 GBV13.2.8.0.TLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus135.98 GBV13.2.4.0.TLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus125.55 GBV13.0.28.0.SLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus125.55 GBV13.0.26.0.SLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus125.44 GBV13.0.25.0.SLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus125.54 GBV13.0.23.0.SLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus125.44 GBV13.0.20.0.SLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus125.48 GBV13.0.19.0.SLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus125.52 GBV13.0.18.0.SLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus125.50 GBV13.0.17.0.SLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus125.27 GBV13.0.16.0.SLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus125.30 GBV13.0.14.0.SLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus125.24 GBV13.0.10.0.SLBEUXM

Recovery Firmware Xiaomi 12 Pro - Europe / eea

Device NameFirmware NameAndroid VersionFile SizeDownload MIUI Version
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus134.60 GBV14.0.15.0.TLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus134.60 GBV14.0.14.0.TLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus134.60 GBV14.0.13.0.TLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus134.64 GBV14.0.11.0.TLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus134.61 GBV14.0.10.0.TLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus134.61 GBV14.0.8.0.TLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus134.60 GBV14.0.7.0.TLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus134.62 GBV13.2.8.0.TLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus134.58 GBV13.2.4.0.TLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus123.99 GBV13.0.29.0.SLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus123.99 GBV13.0.28.0.SLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus123.99 GBV13.0.26.0.SLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus123.99 GBV13.0.25.0.SLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus123.99 GBV13.0.23.0.SLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus123.96 GBV13.0.20.0.SLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus123.99 GBV13.0.19.0.SLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus123.98 GBV13.0.18.0.SLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus123.99 GBV13.0.17.0.SLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus123.97 GBV13.0.16.0.SLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus123.96 GBV13.0.14.0.SLBEUXM
Xiaomi 12 Prozeus123.95 GBV13.0.10.0.SLBEUXM
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