Step By Step Repair Emmc Asus Z007 Zenfone C with Medusa Pro Sofware

File Emmc / Dump Asus Z007 Zenfone C | Back Up with Medusa Pro | Original back up of normal phone, will Solve All Software Problems. Repair Emmc Asus Z007 Zenfone C and new emmc ic replacement.
Medusa Pro Sofware
1. Open Tools Medusa Pro Sofware
2. Medel settings: eMMC
- Connect
3. Select: Main
   3A. Select: Boot Area Partion 1: Erase > Yes
   3B. Select: Boot Area Partion 2: Erase > Yes
   3C. Select: Full: Erase > Yes
- Connect
4. Selec: eMMC Service
   4A. Select: Write/Update Firmware
   4B. Select: KMVTU000LM-B503 > Yes 
- Connect
5. Select: eMMC Service
   5A. Factory Format > Yes
- Connect
6. Select: eMMC Service
   6A. Select: eMMC geometry edit
   6B. Boot 1, Boot2 sise: 4MB and RPMB size: 4 MB
   6C. Set geometry > Yes
- Connect
7. Select: eMMC Service
   7A. Select: HW Partions
   7B. GP Partions 1 size: 40 MB
   7C. Write to EXT_CSD > Yes
- Connect
8. Selec: eMMC Service
   8A. Select: Read/Write EXT_CSD
   8B. Write EXT_CSD
   8C. Select: File " ext_cssd.bin " > Yes
- Connect
9. Select: Main
   9A. Select: Boot Area Partion 1
       Select: File " boot1.bin " > Yes 
   9B. Select: Boot Area Partion 2
       Select: File " boot2.bin " > Yes
   9C. Select: GP1
       Select: File " gp1.bin " > Yes 
   9D. Select: User Data Area
       Full: File " userarea.bin " > Yes
10. Done......
 File Information
 Phone Device  Asus Z007 Zenfone C
 Brand  Asus
 Chipset  Intel Atom Z2520
 File Size  7.28 GB
 File Type  Winrar / Zip
 File Password  No / Free
 Download  File Emmc_Dump Asus Z007 Zenfone C_part01
 Download  FFile Emmc_Dump Asus Z007 Zenfone C_part02
 Download  FFile Emmc_Dump Asus Z007 Zenfone C_part03
 Download  File Emmc_Dump Asus Z007 Zenfone C_part04
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