Vivo Y12 / Vivo Y15 (PD1901BF) New Security Password Unlock FRP With Test Point

Vivo Y12 / Vivo Y15 (PD1901BF) New Security Password Unlock FRP With Test Point. Bypass FRP Vivo Y12 Android 11 New Security Patch 2022, Vivo Y12 / Vivo Y15 (PD1901BF)Android 11 Frp bypass 1000% done.
Formatting Userdata (Safe Mode)_Read Log
Operation	:	Format FS (Safe)
Waiting for Device [BROM]...Found
Port	:	MediaTek USB Port_V1632 (COM26)
Device Path	:	\\?\usb#vid_0e8d&pid_0003#5&94b8c27&0&1#{86e0d1e0-8089-11d0-9ce4-08003e301f73}
Driver	:	MediaTek Inc., 3.0.1504.0 [usb2ser.sys]
Hw ID	:	MT6765 [0766] Helio P35/G35
Details	:	8A00,CA00,0000
Sec. Config	:	[SBA:True] [SLA:False] [DAA:True]
MEID	:	CFF780CB0ACDB155264AE3D7E425799C
SoC ID[0]	:	7B3F29715F2817E91004D8D8E8D43701
SoC ID[1]	:	D8D4DCEA80370BADBE1B62839123B5C4
Running Exploit...Done
Preloader	:	preloader_k62v1_64_bsp.bin
Loading EMI Config from Preloader...OK
Sec. Config	:	[SBA:False] [SLA:False] [DAA:False]
DA Security Patched
Sending 1st DA...OK
Jump DA Address...OK
Checksum Level is Storage
Connection	:	brom
Reading RAM Configuration...OK
Reading EMI Configuration...OK
CID	:	90014A68423861503E03A6D0D8FF864F [EMMC]
Initializing Storage...OK
Sending 2nd DA...OK
Initialize DA Extension...OK
Int. RAM	:	0x0003A000 [232.00 KB]
Ext. RAM	:	0xC0000000 [3.00 GB]
Flash ID	:	hB8aP>
CID	:	90014A68423861503E03A6D0D8FF864F
BOOT1	:	0x00400000 [4.00 MB]
BOOT2	:	0x00400000 [4.00 MB]
RPMB	:	0x01000000 [16.00 MB]
USERAREA	:	0x747C00000 [29.12 GB]
Connected to High-Speed DA Port
Reading Partition Table...OK
Manuf.	:	vivo
Ven. Model	:	vivo 1901
Platform	:	mt6765
And. Ver.	:	11
Build Dt.	:	Mon Aug 22 17:39:57 CST 2022
Display ID	:	RP1A.200720.012 release-keys
Ver. Inc.	:	eng.compil.20220822.174220
Locale	:	en-US
Patch	:	2022-05-01
Formatting Userdata (Safe Mode)...OK
Operation Finished.
[UltimateMTK2 v0.1]
 File Information
 Phone Device  Vivo Y12 / Vivo Y15 (PD1901BF)
 Brand  Vivo
 Chipset  MT6765
 File Size  1.30 MB
 File Type  Winrar / Zip
 File Password  No / Free
 Download  Preloader + DA Vivo Y12 / Vivo Y15 (PD1901BF)
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